We live for once ..

We die for once…

We love for once..

But for living that once we DREAM for thousands of times for making are DREAM come true we work hard for millions of times …

After working hard for millions of time.. we live that once for zillions of times …. 😇

That’s why we are called zillions in a once .. !💜


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Healed ….

“Please leave rahul.. i don’t want to talk to anybody right now “i said yelling at him. “I m with u no matter what the situation is no matter what the time is . I am with you no matter how ur mood is no matter how messy u are”he held my hand i felt secured , he hugged me i cried my pain out with tears, he kissed my forehead i became calm …. And so my pain … I got healed up

The 1 confession

“Time change…

Places change…

Opinions change….

People change …” she preached”But then what doesn’t change?”i asked “Our freindship. This will never change …..”she said .

But gone are the days i heard it again … Gone are the days she said it again… She left … And gone …she never turned back….

~still waiting for u to come back … Waiting for u to say this back ..


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